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Carima Co., Ltd.
167, Gonghang-daero 59da-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul 07555 Korea
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Kate Kim , Assistant Manager

Carima Co., Ltd.

Carima Co., Ltd.

3D Printing Machine

3D Printer

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3D Printer

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 Model Number

Master EV

Recognized Worldwide
Pride in quality of Korean Industrial 3D Printer


High-accuracy Optimization
Designed to enhance the accuracy of 3D Prints by using DLP technology

Fast Constant speed
No matter how complex it is, Continuously build 3D Prints at the same rate

Reliability, efficiency by applying materials
Large size of resin tank is not needed, which leads to improve reliability, efficiency, lightening

Allows high-definition 3D Prints by DMD Chipset
DMD chipset equipped with an array of micromirror enables to print high-definition 3D Prints

Reduces the amount of post processing
Easy for creation of complex structures by making the layers thinner, Also, it lessens the amount of post processing

Equipped with High performance touch-panel PC
Print as soon as STL file is put into a machine, As the High performance touch-panel PC is equipped inside 3D Printer

Office-friendly 3D Printer
machine installation in office environment, Noise minimization

Master EV Printing Process

Carima Slicer

  • Carima Slicer which is consisted of the tools you need is a user-friendly program, Also, it is available to our customers that Purchases carima's 3D Printer
  • With simple interface and automatic support generation, It enables to print out quickly and easily

Carima 3D Prints

Technical Specification

X, Y Resolution
244 PPI
Layer thickness(mm)
0.025~0.1 (4 steps)
1920 x 1080(16:9)
File Inputs
STL file format compatible
Machine size(mm)
635 x 500 x 1330mm
Power supply
AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

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